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House Plans As Per Vasthu Shastra wonderful Book 1st part

Download the vastu house plan book now.


This book is all about House Plans as per Vasthu Shastra with a detailed explanation of the house plans and included Vastu tips. This book contains 80 variety of house plan Pictures and ideas about how to make a house plan as per Vasthu Shastra.

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House Plans as per Vasthu Shastra part 1 book


About this Book:-

This book covers around 400 Sqft to 6000 Sqft land area of house plans. And the main door facing in all four directions. As per Vastu Shastra main door Facing East and North direction is so good which gives more wealthy and healthy life.

In this book, the maximum number of house plans contains the main door facing the east and north direction. And in a few plans the main door facing the west and south direction. Making a house plan is like drawing the life fate of people who go to live in that house. So making the house plans as per Vastu Shastra is most important.

This book helps people who plan to build a house as per Vastu Shastra. Also for engineers who learn to make house plans as per Vastu Shastra all over the world. My special thanks to the people who buy this book as per Vastu Shastra. If you need more house plans please check my second part book too. It contains 80 more varieties of house plans and different types of land areas.

House Plans as per Vasthu Shastra Book Preview

Check out the preview of this book. You can purchase this book hard copy and soft copy on amazon. Click the button “Buy on Amazon” to purchase this book. some of the sample drawings are given below. check it out now.


Thank you

For More Different land sizes of home plans according to vasthu shastra check out this book. In the 2nd part of this book you get more 80 variety of home design ideas as per vasthu shastra. More house vastu tips also given in that part 2 book. In the next article i will describe about that book.

These book are very helpful for civil engineering and architectural students. They can easily practice and learn house plans as per vasthu shastra.

Thank you for reading my articles. Also downloading free house plans Autocad files from my website. Kindly refer your friends and family who searching for house plan ideas. Upcoming days more various types of house plans i going to upload here. many free house plan Autocad files you can download here.

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