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???? Elevate your home style with these top 50 modern elevation design ideas! ???? From sleek lines to stunning facades, we've got you covered. ???? Check out our website for more inspiring home exterior designs.

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Look into this PDF book- Best House Map Design

I have attached House Map Design PDF and JPEG files to this message, which contain a collection of 100 amazing house plans. Each plan is designed for a specific land area and covers the four main directions: East, West, North, and South. There are 25 different land sizes of house plans featured in each direction, ranging from 484 sqft to 2400 sqft. These plans are suitable for any plot and can also be used as a reference for your own home design.

This book contains a list of available house plans along with their corresponding land areas. The following are the dimensions and sizes of the available land areas: 22x22 (484 sqft), 20x30 (600 sqft), 30x20 (600 sqft), 25x25 (625 sqft), 26x26 (676 sqft), 20x40 (800 sqft), 22x40 (880 sqft), 18x50 (900 sqft), 30x30 (900 sqft), 26x36 (936 sqft), 36x26 (936 sqft), 24x40 (960 sqft), 26x40 (1040 sqft), 33x33 (1089 sqft), 23x50 (1150 sqft), 20x60 (1200 sqft), 30x40 (1200 sqft), 40x30 (1200 sqft), 25x50 (1250 sqft), 27x50 (1350 sqft), 35x40 (1400 sqft), 30x50 (1500 sqft), 30x60 (1800 sqft), 36x50 (1800 sqft), 45x45 (2025 sqft), 40x60 (2400 sqft), and 60x40 (2400 sqft).

This house plan design book is an excellent resource for those seeking house plans to build their dream home. It is suitable for civil, and structural engineers, architects, as well as students pursuing civil engineering, architecture, and interior design. The book can also be kept as a reference for future use. Civil engineers and architects can present these plans to their clients as sample house plans. The book contains numerous G+1 house plan ideas to choose from.

These house plans include detailed measurements of pillars that measure 1’6”x9” and provide furniture items such as sofas, beds, TVs, toilets, stoves, and washbasins. Some house plans also provide information on the placement of bore wells, underground water tanks, and septic tanks. This book is an excellent guide for people worldwide who are interested in building their homes.


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