Floor Plan With Elevation For House | Home Design As Per Vastu Shastra

The floor Plan With Elevation Design is shown in this video. check out the website www.houseplansdaily.com. On this website, a variety of home plan design and elevation design ideas are available

This video includes the modern style elevation design of a two-storey house. The Ground floor includes a hall, two bedrooms, and a kitchen whereas the second floor also consists of the same hall, two bedrooms, and a kitchen. The staircase is provided outside the house.

Also, check the below-given house plans book-House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra

house plans as per vastu shastra

This book is all about house plans as per Vastu Shastra. In this book, you get 400 various land areas of house plans as per Vastu Shastra principles. This book will give you the best ideas to make your dream house. You can easily pick up your dream house plan from this book. Several house plans of various sizes are available in this book.

This book will be very useful for students who wish to learn to make house plan drawing as per Vastu Shastra, engineers who need Vastu house plan ideas, and people who plan to build their dream house. Several varieties of land sizes are provided.

house plans book

All types of house plans are provided for 1, 2, 3, and  4 BHK  houses. East, west, north, and south direction-facing house plans are also provided in this book.  There are house plans for small as well as big houses.