Free Home Plan | East Facing Home Design | Single Storey House

East Facing Home Design is elaborated in this article. The given house design comprises of only one floor i.e ground floor. The total plot area of the floor is 2224 Sqft.

Free Home Plan | East Facing Home Design | Single Storey House
Free Home Plan | East Facing Home Design | Single Storey House

East Facing Home Design

East Facing Home Design is shown in this article. The pdf and dwg files can be downloaded for free. The download button is available below. For downloading more free house plans refer to more articles. The built-up area of the ground floor is 1718 Sqft respectively. The  Staircase is provided outside the house. The given house design consists of two floors i.e ground and the first floor.

east facing house

The above image is the ground floor of east face house plan. The ground floor consists of a hall or living room, a master bedroom, a kid's bedroom with an attached toilet, a kitchen, a store room, and a car parking area. The dimensions of each room are clearly mentioned with furniture positions. The furniture is placed as per Vastu Shastra principles.

The hall or living area is 16.6x21.6 feet in size and placed in the north-east direction. The master bedroom is 10.6x10 feet in size and placed in the southwest direction with an attached toilet. The attached toilet is 10.6x5 feet in size and is placed in the northwest direction. The kid's bedroom is 10.6x16 feet in size. The kitchen is 10.6x10 feet in size and placed in the southeast direction as per Vastu Shastra principles. 

In the northeast direction, a spacious balcony is attached to the hall or living room. This home design is well planned to keep in mind the purpose of ventilation by providing large windows. The staircase is provided outside the house to access the first floor. 

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Download and obtain high-quality pdf files, images in jpeg format, and Autocad drawing dwg format of this home plan for free. Thank you for spending your valuable time visiting our website and citing this article. Kindly refer to more articles for gaining more ideas regarding house plans and designs in each direction. Contact us for customized house plans, interior designs, and elevation designs.


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