House Map According to Vastu Shastra | North Facing House Design

House Map According to Vastu Shastra is described in this article. The total plot and built-up area of the house is 4000 sqft and 810 sqft.

House Map According to Vastu Shastra | North Facing House Design
House Map According to Vastu Shastra | North Facing House Design

House Map According to Vastu Shastra | North Facing House Design

Vastu shastra for house plan is shown in this article. The pdf and dwg files can be downloaded for free. The download button is available below. For downloading more free house plans refer to more articles. The total plot area of the ground floor is 4000 Sqft respectively. The Staircase is provided outside the house.

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North Facing House Plans as per Vastu-Ground Floor

vastu shastra for north facing home

The above image is the ground floor of the home plan with vastu shastraThe ground floor consists of a hall or living room cum dining, a master bedroom with an attached toilet, a kitchen, a store room, a puja room, and a sit out area. The dimensions of each room are clearly mentioned with furniture positions.

The living area cum dining is 16x8 feet in size placed in the north direction. The master bedroom of the vastu planning home is 17x10 feet in size. The attached toilet is 5x8 feet in size. The pooja room is 6.6x4 feet in size. The kitchen is 11x10 feet in size and placed in the southeast direction. The store room is 6.6x3.6 feet in size.

The car parking space can be used in multiple ways such as sitout, two-wheeler parking, and or accommodating water tanks and borewells. As per Shastra vastu shastra house planning the underground water tanks, sumps and borewells should be placed in the northeast direction.

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture that aims to harmonize our homes with natural elements, creating a tranquil environment that promotes prosperity and happiness. This science provides principles for building design that focus on integrating the five fundamental elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space - to create a balanced environment. 

Embracing Vastu Shastra in home design can create a remarkable balance between the built environment and the natural world. This essay explores the intriguing aspects of this architectural wisdom, illuminating its key elements and guiding you on their practical applications in crafting various rooms of your house. 

The Vastu Shastra Tips for Home PDF Book provides the most important Vastu tips and details the importance and principles of East, West, North, and South-facing houses. This PDF book is very useful for those who want to learn the basics of Vastu Shastra principles. It is filled with engaging insights that will undoubtedly enrich your understanding, allowing you to harness the benefits of adhering to Vastu Shastra.

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Download and obtain high-quality pdf files, images in jpeg format, and Autocad drawing dwg format of this  house building plan with vastu for free. Thank you for spending your valuable time visiting our website and citing this article. Kindly refer to more articles for gaining more ideas regarding house plans and designs in each direction. Contact us for customized house plan in, interior designs, and elevation.

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