Modern Bungalow Elevation Design | Elevation Design Ideas

Modern Bungalow Elevation Design is shown in this video. For more house plans and elevation designs, check out our website

Modern Bungalow Elevation Design is shown in this video. For more house plans (ghar ka naksha) and modern bungalow elevation design, check out our website House Plans Daily ( On this website, a variety of home plan design ideas and elevation ideas are available. House plans PDF and DWG files can be easily downloaded from our website. A large number of different free House floor plans PDF and DWG files are available on this website.

Also, check this book-Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs (Hindi Edition)

Modern G+1 House plan Designs as per vastu Shastra Book (Hindi Edition) consist of 108 various house plans of different land areas. It covers home plan designs in all four directions. There are 27 Different land sizes of house plans daily free house plans are present in each direction. It contains home designs as per vastu ranging from 484 sqft to 2400 sqft. A CD is attached with this book which consists of 108 House floor plans Images, High-quality PDFs, and Autocad DWG files. These plans are suitable for any plot.

 Refer to these Articles,

In this book, 22x22 484 sqft, 20x30 600sqft, 30x20 600 sqft, 25x25 625 sqft, 26x26 676 sqft, 20x40 800 sqft, 22x40 880 sqft, 18x50 900 sqft, 30x30 900 sqft, 26x36 936 sqft, 36x26 936 sqft, 24x40 960 sqft, 26x40 1040 sqft, 33x33 1089 sqft, 23x50 1150 sqft, 20x60 1200 sqft, 30x40 1200 sqft, 40x30 1200 sqft, 25x50 1250 sqft, 27x50 1350 sqft, 35x40 1400 sqft,30x50 1500 sqft, 30x60 1800 sqft, 36x50 1800 sqft, 45x45 2025 sqft, 40x60 2400 sqft, 60x40 2400 sqft house designs are available. 

These House plan book will be beneficial for those
who are searching for house plan ideas to construct their dream house, Civil, Structural Engineers, Architects, Civil, Architecture, and Interior Designing Students. They can use this book as a reference. Civil Engineers and Architects can use these plans to give ideas on Vastu home designs to their clients.

Many varieties of G+1 House Plan Ideas are given in this book. In these home plans, columns are placed of size 1’6”x9”. Furniture items like sofa, Beds, Tv, Toilet, Stove, the washbasin are placed as per Vastu. Moreover, the details of the Bore wells, Underground water tanks, and Septic tank placements are mentioned in few house plans. Click on the purchase button available below to purchase this book.

What are the different parts of elevation?

  • Building Outline
  • Door and window openings
  • Roofing.
  • Eves and pipe projections
  • Level datums such as floor positions and finished ground level.
  • Dimensions like wall lengths and heights.
  • Exterior features such as decks, porches, and steps.

What features make a house a bungalow?

A bungalow is a form of house or cottage that is either a single storey or has a second, half, or partial storey, that is built with a sloping roof. Bungalows are generally small in area and square footage. 


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