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Ideas For Interior Design are discussed in this article. Different types of interior designs are shown in this video. For more designs, visit

Ideas For Interior Design are shown in this video. For more House Design ideas visit our website Here, you get a variety of home plan design ideas. You can easily download House Plans PDF and DWG files. Many free House floor plans PDF and DWG files are available on this website. Moreover, you get House Plan and Designs PDF Books for Download. Check now.

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Look into this book-Latest G+1 House Plan Designs

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This book features the latest G+1 house plan designs that adhere to Vastu Shastra principles. It includes 108 land areas of beautiful house plans, with 27 different land sizes of house plans featured in each direction: East, West, North, and South. The book contains house plans ranging from 484 sq. ft. to 2400 sq. ft. that are suitable for any plot.

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These plans can be used as a reference. Civil engineers and architects can showcase these plans to their clients as sample house plans. Additionally, they can use this book to design the best Vastu plans, as it offers many different G+1 house plan ideas. The plans in this book place pillars with a size of 1’6”x9”. Furniture items such as sofas, beds, televisions, toilets, stoves, and washbasins are placed as per Vastu guidelines.

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In some house plans, you can find information about borewells, underground water tanks, and septic tank placement. This book is designed to help people all over the world, and we hope you find it useful. For additional house plans, please visit our website. Thank you for visiting us. To purchase this book, please click on the purchase button below.


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