North Face Home Design with Elevation

North Face Home Design with Elevation is shown in this video. For more house plans and elevation designs, check out the website

North Face Home Design with Elevation is given in this video. For more north face house plans with Vastu and elevation designs, check out the website On this website, a variety of home plan design ideas are available. House plans PDF and DWG files can be easily downloaded. A variety of free House floor plans PDF and DWG files are available on this website.

Is it good to have north facing house?

The north direction is considered to be most auspicious for constructing houses. Also, the north direction is given to Kuber, meaning this direction gives more wealth and prosperity. People buy a north-facing plot for benefits related to it, but it is also necessary to follow north facing house Vastu shastra tips to have a prosperous life.

What are the important Vastu Tips for home?

  • Vastu for Room Shape: The shape of the room is one of the important aspects of Vastu. As per Vastu, the house should be square or rectangular in shape. 
  • Vastu for Room: The rooms should be well-ventilated, airy, and clean.
  • Furniture: Heavy furniture like beds, and wardrobes should be placed in the South-west direction for Vastu. A Vastu tip for a new house is to place stairs in the southwest direction.
  • Dining Table: The dining area near the main door must be avoided. 

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This book consists of House Plans as per Vastu Shastra (Ghar ka naksha) with a detailed explanation of house plans and included some Vastu tips too. It contains 80 variety of house plan images and ideas about how to make a house plan as per Vastu Shastra. And this book covers land areas of house plans ranging from 500 Sqft to 12000 Sqft and main door facing in all four directions.

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As per Vastu Shastra main door Facing East and North directions are recommended because it more wealthy and healthy life, in this book, the maximum number of house plans have the main door facing east and north, direction and in a few plans main door facing west and south direction. 

ghar ka naksha

It will help people who are planning to build a house as per Vastu Shastra and Civil engineering students, Civil engineers who learn to make house plans as per Vastu Shastra around the world. My special thanks to the people who will buy this book and I hope through this book you will get more ideas to make your dream house as per Vastu Shastra.

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Which is the best plot for constructing a home?

North-facing plots are preferred to be the best for home construction. the next preferred house-facing plots are east and west.  South-facing plots are meant to be not so auspicious and hence can be avoided. The main entrance of the plot in the north or east direction is considered to be the best.