Best 30 House Floor Plan Ideas | House Plans Daily

Explore the top 30 house floor plan ideas, including north, west, east, and south-facing house plans designed according to vastu principles. Find your perfect home layout in this comprehensive video article.

Best 30 House Floor Plan Ideas | House Plans Daily

Explore the top 30 house floor plan ideas, including north, west, east, and south-facing house plans designed according to vastu principles. Find your perfect home layout in this comprehensive video article.

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Top 100 North Facing House Plans for Positive Energy, Approved by Vastu Shastra | PDF Book


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The PDF book "Top 100 North Facing House Plans for Positive Energy: Vastu Shastra Approved" is available for purchase. To buy it, click the download button below. Floor designs with a north facing orientation range in size from 477 square feet to 3200 square feet.

Concerning the PDF Book for North Facing House Plans

North facing house layouts 

Greetings from the land of north-facing house layouts endorsed by Vastu Shastra, where harmony and positive energy rule. We shall examine in this book how the age-old art of Vastu Shastra may improve the flow of energy in your house and design an environment that encourages prosperity and well-being.

An ancient Indian architectural science called Vastu Shastra places a strong emphasis on the value of lining your house with the natural energy forces.

According to Vastu Shastra, a house facing north is lucky because it receives the most positive energy from the Earth's magnetic field. You may use positive energy to enhance your relationships, finances, and overall well-being by designing and organizing your home according to Vastu Shastra principles.

Vastu Shastra gives a comprehensive method for designing a harmonious living area, including room placement and entryway orientation. Whether you want to remodel your current house or create a new one, this book will walk you through the essential components of north-facing house plans that have been approved by Vastu Shastra.  Prepare to become a master of positive energy and create a haven of plenty and balance in your house. The top 100 photos of north-facing house plans are included in this book. Floor designs with a north facing orientation range in size from 477 square feet to 3200 square feet.

Concerning the Writer


The creator of the website is A.S. Sethupathi. He hails from Tamilnadu, India's Anthiyur in the Erode district. He is a blogger, creator of house plans, YouTuber, structural engineer turned architect, best-selling author, world record holder, and award-winning nonfiction book author.At Hindustan University in Chennai, he earned a B.E. in civil engineering (2013) and an M.Tech. in structural engineering (2015).

He has received more than twenty awards for his accomplishments and nonfiction book. He studied Vastu Shastra on his own. Additionally, he gained knowledge of Vastu Shastra house design. In addition, he creates 2D and 3D blueprints, sections, 3D elevation drawings, electrical, plumbing, and interior design drawings.

He discovered after doing some research that there are a lot of people searching for house plans and design inspiration worldwide. In order to help those in need of house designs to build their ideal homes, he made the decision to write books on house plans and design based on Vastu Shastra. These days, he designs houses and publishes them worldwide through his books and website.

Vastu Shastra Guidelines for House Plans with a North Face

While creating your ideal house is an exciting experience, you must make wise choices in order to live in harmony. Incorporating Vastu Shastra principles can improve the flow of positive energy and provide harmony to your home, particularly if you're thinking of building a north-facing house plan.

An ancient Indian architecture system called Vastu Shastra provides guidelines for creating structures that are in harmony with cosmic energy and the natural world. You can design a setting that encourages riches, prosperity, and well-being by arranging your house according to Vastu principles and the cardinal directions.

We shall examine the core Vastu Shastra ideas that apply to house plans that face north in this book. We will discuss how to create an auspicious home atmosphere by understanding the importance of entrances, room placement, and furniture arrangement. You'll get useful advice for designing a north-facing home that exudes positive energy that complies with Vastu principles, from maximizing natural light to making the most use of available space.

Knowing the Vastu Shastra principles for building plans that face north

It's essential to comprehend the Vastu Shastra principles when planning a north-facing home in order to create a harmonious living area. The main entry has a major impact on drawing positive energy into the home, according to Vastu Shastra. The entrance to a house facing northwards should preferably be located toward the north or northeast. This lets the sun's healthy energy, which brings warmth and life, into the house.

Vastu-compliant north-facing house plans lay equal emphasis on the placement of rooms as they relate to the main entrance. Given that riches and success are linked to the north, the north is the best direction for the living room or drawing room. This space should be tidy, clear of clutter, and well-lit to foster a friendly and upbeat vibe. To encourage healthy sleep patterns and general wellbeing, the bedrooms, on the other hand, ought to face southwest or northwest.

An open central courtyard or atrium is advised for your north-facing home to optimize the flow of positive energy. This gives the property an air of openness and peacefulness by letting in natural light and airflow. To further increase the positive energy in your house, include natural components like indoor plants and water features.

The significance of the primary entrance and where it is located in residences facing north


North facing house plans as per vastu shastra 

According to Vastu Shastra, the front door serves as the entryway for good energy to enter the home. The main entrance's location is crucial for ensuring a smooth energy flow in residences that face north. The best orientation for the entrance is toward the north or northeast, which lets the sun's healing energy inside the home.

You should consider the size and placement of your home's main entrance when constructing a north-facing residence. The entrance should not be blocked by any obstructions, such as trees or utility poles, and should be proportionate to the size of the home overall. To create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, it's also advised to have a well-lit entryway with the right lighting fixtures.

Maximizing the space in north-facing homes' kitchen, living room, and bedrooms

A north-facing home's room arrangement is essential to establishing a peaceful living area. The north is a direction linked to riches and success in Vastu Shastra, which makes it a perfect place for the drawing room or living room. To encourage positive energy flow, this space should be well-lit, roomy, and clutter-free.

It is advised to design the kitchen in a north-facing residence with the southeast orientation. This guarantees that there is enough ventilation and sunlight in the cooking area, which is necessary to preserve hygienic conditions. Along with being well-organized, the kitchen should have specific areas set aside for washing, storing, and cooking.

To preserve hygiene and avoid the mingling of energies, it is advised to keep the toilet and bathroom apart. In order to foster a clean and fresh atmosphere, it is also crucial to make sure that these rooms have adequate ventilation and natural light.

Vastu Shastra emphasizes the importance of selecting the appropriate colors, materials, and furnishings while building a home that faces north. The energy flow and atmosphere of a space can be greatly influenced by the interior color scheme.

It is advised to choose cool, light hues, including white, cream, pastels, and blues, for residences that face north. These hues improve the house's good energy flow by fostering a feeling of openness and peace. Steer clear of bright or dark colors, which might overpower or weight the room.

Adding natural light and ventilation to houses that face north

In north-facing homes, natural light and ventilation are essential to a comfortable and healthy living space. Vaastu Shastra states that the north is connected to the sun's positive energy, therefore getting the most of natural light in your house is crucial.

Larger windows and openings facing north are advised if your house faces north in order to optimize natural light. This lets a lot of sunlight into the house, which makes it feel cozy and welcoming. Moreover, light-colored blinds or drapes can aid in glare prevention and sunlight dispersion.

Concluding remarks regarding creating your ideal home using Vastu Shastra principles for house layouts facing north

By using the principles of Vastu Shastra to design your dream home with a north-facing floor plan, you may create a harmonious environment that supports prosperity, happiness, and good health. Understanding the fundamentals of Vastu Shastra and using them to your interior design will help you harmonize your space with cosmic energy and create an atmosphere that is uplifted and positive.