29 x 48 feet G+1 North facing Home Design

29 x 48 feet Beautiful G+1 North facing Home Designs are available in this CAD Drawing file. People who looking for North facing G+1 home design ideas can check out this plan.

29 x 48 feet G+1 North facing Home Design
29 x 48 feet G+1 North facing Home Design
29 x 48 feet G+1 North facing Home Design
29 x 48 feet G+1 North facing Home Design

In this G+1 house plan, there are three bedrooms on the ground and the first floor. The total plot area of this G+1 home design is 1385 sqft. The Buildup area of this North facing Home Design is 1053 sqft. Read More to know more details about this plan.

g+1 north facing home design

G+1 North facing Home Design Ground floor

north facing home design

Ground floor plan

The total plot area is 1385 sqft. The Buildup area is 1053 sqft. In this North facing Ground floor plan the Master bedroom with an attached toilet is available in the southwest direction of the house. The kitchen is placed in the southeast direction. Hall cum dining is kept in the northeast direction of the home. Puja room is in the northwest. Car Parking or Portico is available in the Northwest.

The room size of the kitchen is 10'x10'. The Master Bedroom Room size is 10'x16'. Puja's room is 6'x4'. The master bedroom attached toilet room size is 6'x4'.The room size of the hall cum dining is 10'x16'6".The size of the carparking is 10'6"x16'9".

The Staircase is available inside the house. The column is marked on this house plan drawing. Also, Furniture details are given in this cad house plan drawing. Bore, underground water tank, and Septic tank are also marked in this plan.

G+1 North facing Home Design First Floor

 north facing house design


On this First Floor of G+1 home design, the Master bedroom is placed in the southwest. Kid's or children's bedroom is available in the west. Both the Master bedroom and Kid's bedroom have an attached toilet. Open Terrace and Balcony are available in this first-floor plan.

The Size of the Master bedroom is 10'x16'. And the size of the kid's or children's bedroom is 10'x16'.The size of the toilet is 6'x4'.The size of the balcony is 4'6"x38'. And open terrace size is 26'x10'.

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